Going Against the Grain

Happy Tuesdaaaaay!

I just want to start this off by letting you all know this past weekend was amaziiiing! We had a venue setup to do for a wedding party and it looked perfect. Now we all know nothing is easy sailing and we did have a few hiccups along the way but the venue looked amazing and more importantly our clients loved what we did.

Having the opportunity to work with amazing clients who didn’t want the cookie-cutter wedding party was so much fun to put together. There were no flowers at all and although we adore flowers it was lovely to see a wedding party where there wasn’t one in sight.             There was no real colour scheme, just a mixture of bright and bold colours- hanging paper lanterns, honeycombs attached to the walls, ribbon streamers, giant 2ft confetti balloons and plenty of other elements. Now when people hear about a mixture of colours for the venue decor minds can wonder to a child's party, but we steered clear of that look and the venue still had a grown and sexy vibe.

Working on events where the client requires you to push your creativity and ultimately think outside the box was great for us and showed what we can do. It’s all about developing creatively and exceeding expectations.

We look forward to more amazing clients who allow us to flex our creative muscles!

(Pictures will be up on the website soon enough).