Onwards & Upwards!

There are a gazillion events we want to attend, fun events where you can get your creative juices flowing and enjoy yourself (and we’re not talking about going to the club or a restaurant) … there’s just been one teeny tiny problem. A lot of these fun/ alternative events haven’t been created or they just don’t exist in London. Sad times for us ay!

Noticing the lack of events for young-ish professionals is what spurred us on to be a part of organising the successful social painting event, Bubble ‘n’ Paint. Watching Americans (on Instagram) having a whale of a time at the social painting events made us want to attend that very same kind of thing, however after searching high and low there was nothing to be found so we decided to put the event on ourselves.                                                                               So far we’ve successfully sold out two Bubble ‘n’ Paints and are looking forward to more throughout the year.

This new venture has also spurred us to organise more events we’d like to attend because we know there are people like us out there who find fun in activities outside of the club.

It would be great to find out what events other young-ish professionals would want to attend. We’ve already set the name in stone and are ready to share this wonderful world to you. We want to cater to the young-ish professional who thinks outside the box, wants to enjoy life and even show their humanitarian side!

We’re really excited about this venture and can’t wait to reveal more to you.