Attracting The Clients You Want

Now this might be a long one…maybe.

As a company the ideal client and planning the best event everrrr is at the forefront of your mind. The ideal client allows you to organise the perfect event that you want to plan and even attend…BURST THAT BUBBLE!

The ideal or perfect client doesn’t exist people but trust me you can come close, very close.

Recently I believe our latest client was perfect but I know that was a dime a dozen.

Ultimately the perfect client may not be as challenging as we would like so variation and a bit of spice can shake things up a bit, even push you to innovate. As an Event Planner and just a person going through life you have to be ready for challenges and at times difficult clients with a laundry list of demands. We’re at the stage where we’re welcoming those demanding clients as it will allow us to grow as a company and get the wheels turning.

Our last clients were amazing, but they also challenged us creatively and made us get our DIY hats on to add those special touches to the event.

A diverse portfolio allows clients to see what you can do. We aren’t chained to the bog-standard décor and event, although we can plan the cookie-cutter event if that’s what the client wants and we’ll make every event amazing because this isn’t a job, it’s a career, it’s a passion, it’s a lifestyle. Lol…had to add the lifestyle thing in there. But seriously, we’re excited about being put up for the challenge because we’ll always over-deliver and exceed expectations.

Watch this space world! We’re coming for ya!