Boosting Company Morale

Being stuck in an office when the suns out is not very uplifting so here’s a few ideas on how you could boost morale.

Gelato Stand

If you have the budget contact a gelato company and find out if they can setup a stand in  your office!

Ice Cream Bar

You can set this up yourself. Ice cream, scoops, cones, cups, spoons, sprinkles, syrup, whipped cream, flakes. Make it look pretty and set it up!

Hawaiian Theme

Inject a little bit of the tropical spirit into the office. We’re thinking inflatable palm trees and parrots, coconut and pineapple cups, mocktails (cocktails if you’re daring), a leis for everyone. If you have the budget why not setup a Tiki Bar as well and if you really want to go all out you can get some sand or fake grass and throw a few deck chairs on there for a little chillaxing area in the office.


There’s nothing better than taking a half day and setting up a BBQ. Obviously you need outdoor space for this or if you’re near a park you can crack on with the BBQ. Just don’t sit a hot BBQ directly on the grass- you will burn it. Some parks also have designated areas for BBQing so check that out.

Ice Poles Stocked Up

If you don’t want to break the bank you can do something as simple as buying ice poles and little ice creams. Stock up that freezer and let everyone dig in.