Summer is that you???

Now the weather can always be a topic of conversation. Us Londoners seem to be quite fixated on the weather but that’s because we have to deal with this Jekyll & Hyde weather all year round. So when May hit and we were still forced to wear our winter coats it made me start to think we weren’t going to be blessed with amazing weather and summer would be put on hold…again!

Thankfully there are rays of hope as the weather has perked up a bit so we’ve decided to throw together a few fun things you could get up to this Spring/ Summer.

Take a little look:

-Visit the Barbican Conservatory (restricted hours).

-Go to one of a trillion festivals! LoveBox, Wireless, South West Four, Field Day, Gin Festival & The British Summertime Festival.

-Kew Gardens

-Dalston Roof Park- there’s always something fun happening there.

-Ruislip Lido (there’s a real sandy beach!).