The Battles of Developing Your Own Business

When I set up Bloomin' Events I didn't know what battles I would be faced with. Planning events is the thing I'm great at and love to do. I've done it for free sooo many times and decided I wanted to make a living out of it. Why not? I should be able to do what I love, work for myself and create the life I want to live.

When you setup your own business and put your dreams out there for the world to see that dreadful word haunts you...the F word, FEAR. How am I going to get clients? What events should I do? How can I show I'm different to all of the other Event Planners out there? Should I quit my full-time job? 

The questions do not stop, but I had to just take a leap of faith and start to build, I got my first client and helped plan an event, amazing. Now, how do I get more clients? What do I need to do to reach out to clients I want to work with? Can I afford to be picky? No. But I know the kind of events I think about planning all day, the kind of events I have been a part of organising in the past.  

This is my current battle. I am more than experienced, it's just about positioning myself and staying true to what I want to do and the kind of events I envision.

When you know what you're capable of nothing can stop you.